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Mekong Delta, the southernmost region of Vietnam is a huge and extremely fertile plain crossed by nine arms of the mighty Mekong River. Receiving the bounty of alluviums and deposits from the upper Mekong, this delta is verdant and rich in natural resources.

With a complex network of rice paddies, canals, swamps and low-land forest, the Mekong Delta makes a typical image of Vietnam in imagination of many people. Life in Mekong Delta revolves around the water and most of the villages here are accessed by boat other than by roads. Mekong Delta is also home to floating market, an interesting cultural feature of the region.

Off beaten track activities in - Mekong Delta - VietNam

Homestay in Ben Tre

Ben Tre is known as the fruit basket of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. This verdant and laid back area is an ideal place for homestay travel. There are numerous so-called homestays in the Mekong Delta, but only a few that actually offer a stay with the host family. Mr Nghiep’s Homestay is a truly authentic one.

Why Mr Nghiep's homestay?

  • Typical house of a Mekong Delta with luxuriant fruit orchards, verdant rice fields and intricate canal system with nice view to Cai Cam River
  • Tucked away from busy tourist hubs in Cai Be or My Tho
  • Fantastic chance to immerse in cozy atmosphere of a Southern Vietnam peasant family 
  • Varied and tasty local food cooked by the host with produce grown in the family garden
  • Friendly and hospitable host

About Mr Nghiep’s house:

Mr Nghiep’s house is built in the typical architectural style of the region; there is a local feel to every detail. All building materials are sourced from the surrounding area: coconut leaf thatched roof, wooden beams and pillars, and bamboo furniture. The house only has several rooms but meets the demand of hygiene and well-equipped accommodities. It can accommodate total of 18 pax. 

The cottage is set in a large and luxuriant garden with lots of fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. Tourist can enjoy fresh air in the garden and see beautiful Cai Cam River. The river supply not only water but also fish and shrimp to feed the whole family.

Recommended activities:

  • Excursion by sampan on the channels
  • Visit a small workshop of coconut brooms made of coconut tree leaf
  • Walk in tuktuk (motorized tricycle for transporting 6 passengers) or bike amid the green gardens.
  • Meet Mrs. Tam Nhu – an old naive peasant to better understand about the local life    

 Ben Tre- Sai Gon : 110 km/2,5h
Ben Tre- Can Tho : 120 km/3h
Ben Tre-Cai Be : 70 km/1,5h

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Mekong Delta cooking class

With abundance of natural ingredients, Mekong Delta offers some best food in Vietnam. All are processed in uniquely local way: steak grilled in bamboo cylinder (bo nuong ong tre), fish grilled in banana leaf (ca loc nuong trui), bloating fried elephant-ear fish (ca tai tuong chien xu). Take a cooking course in Mekong Lodge, a green pearl of Mekong Delta, to explore the unique culinary world of South Vietnam.

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Can Tho Homestay

The biggest reward of homestay travel is travelers can truly live the local culture, discover their exotic customs and share laughter with the host. Considered the busiest hub of Mekong Delta, Can Tho still reserves some best kept places for this “be – a – local” travel style.

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Mekong Delta boat trip

A cruise trip to Mekong Delta should include visits to its quirky villages, luxuriant fruit orchards and vibrant floating markets, a unique cultural feature of the region. The regions are divided by a multitude of rivers and arroyos connected by delicate bamboo bridge called “Monkey Bridge” or “Cau Khi”. Boating and biking are greatest ways to get in touch deeply with local culture.

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Cai Rang floating market

There are many floating markets in Mekong Delta in which Cai Rang is the closest one to Can Tho. From, the market becomes bustling with activities. Hundreds of big and small boats from near and far gather here to trade their fresh produce. Every boat has one bamboo pole attached with sample products to indicate what are being sold.

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Phung Hiep floating market

Located at the intersection of 7 canals, Phung Hiep is the biggest floating market in the area. It also stays open longer than others do, until midday. The true delight for photographers is that you may have bird’s-eye view over the market from the Phung Hiep Bridge instead of sparing an effort to climb on decks.

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Phong Dien floating market

Phong Dien and other well-known floating markets in the Mekong Delta region of Can Tho Province have become busy in the days leading up to Tet. Traders often hang their samples on poles in front of their boats to attract customers. Floating markets are not only attractive to tourists because of the diversity of fresh goods, but also because transactions are carried out on boats.
The market is usually open from 5am to 8am

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Long Xuyen floating market

Long Xuyen floating market is located long the bank of a river in An Giang, Mekong Delta. On one side are beautiful houses while on the other are paddy fields and houses on stilts. The river becomes more and more bustling, especially at places where small canals flow into the river.
Boats selling the same agro-product items are tied together in groups. People travel among dinghies as crossing adjoining stalls or row houses. Some boats sell fuel and offer mechanical repair services.

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Ox cart ride in Ben Tre

Ben Tre is a little province in the east of Mekong Delta, being wedged between two main arms of Tien River. Sleepy and laid back, Ben Tre is often bypassed by hurry travelers in Mekong Delta. Take an ox cart ride to experience the local way of transport, to meet the exciting children and share happy laugh with them.

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Biking in Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is made up of endless rice fields, a maze of small canals, luxuriant fruit orchards, small islands and quirky villages. Most of the villages can be accessed by boat but riding a bike is a good and practical way to travel like a local. The dirt tracks and some potholes are expected but bicycle is the only way to reach every corner of this vast region.

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Fishing in Mekong Delta

Vietnamese people have a variety of ways to catch fish: by fishing net, rods, bamboo traps or just by hand. Use some funny tools to move water out of a canal and jump into, some fish hide in the brown mud and it is fantastic to find one.

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