Major Classic Destinatinons : Hoi An - VietNam

Mirrored in the poetic Thu Bon River, the postcard-setting Hoi An is perhaps the most charming old town in Vietnam. Not as majestic as Hue or flamboyant as Cho Lon in Saigon, Hoi An is still a big surprise to any jaded mind. Its quiet lanes lighted with lanterns, sleeping old houses and atmospheric riverfront restaurants, all carry an echo of history and charm.

Once an important trading port in Asia, Hoi An is the first place to witness economic and cultural exchange of Vietnam with the outside world. Its housing architecture features a perfect blend of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese styles. And despite a more-than-ever amount of tourists, Hoi An remains a peaceful town with a magical beauty that has survived through all ravages of wars and time.

Off beaten track activities in - Hoi An - VietNam

Cooking class in Hoi An

Hoi An gets big reputation for its fantastic food, a fusion of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Starting the Vietnamese cooking class with a visit to nearby local markets, we will then come back for a demonstration before jumping into hands-on experience and finally enjoying our creations.

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Hoi An boat trip

Spend a day on the water with local fishermen and learn some interesting fishing techniques to catch fish and crabs. Guests will have the opportunity to sail in small boats woven of bamboo, the round basket boat. A fantastic way to travel like a local in Hoi An!

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Hoi An fish market

Start a day in Hoi An at dawn with a visit to a local fish market. Meet local buyers and sellers who are busy with haggling and chatting. This is a photogienic place, especially during sunny days when the first beams reach the river bank and the market begins to get crowded with a hundred people and a hundred of ...conical hats.

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Farming in Hoi An

Take a bike trip to Tra Que Village, the vegetables and herbs basket of Hoi An. Have fun with local farming activities: preparing soil for seeding, fertilizing, watering and picking fresh produce. It is great to be a farmer in Hoi An for one day to experience the laid back and happy life here.

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Lantern making in Hoian

A large part of Hoian beauty is attributed to its beautiful streets adorned with colorful silk lanterns. Join this activity to learn more about history, meaning and ways of making different kinds of lanterns. A nice souvenir to bring home with and a great way to test your skillful hands and artful eyes.

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Biking in Hoi an

The outskirt of Hoi An has a lot to offer. There are many options to do with a bike. Visitors can ride to Tra Que Village, the vegetables and herbs basket of Hoi An or handicraft villages like Kim Bong carpentry village (3km from Hoi An) and Thanh Ha pottery village (2km from Hoi An). Cam Thanh and Cam Kim are also beautiful village with peaceful setting of lush rice paddies, lazy water buffalos and winding canals, typical of Vietnam countryside.

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