Major Classic Destinatinons : Hanoi - VietNam

Hanoi has been the capital of Vietnam since 1010. This thousand-year-old city exudes gentle charm with tree-lined boulevards, ancient pagodas and beautiful lakes. It makes an ideal gate and also a quick window of the country for every first time visitors.

Hanoi has evolved out of the ashes of famine and war into a 21st-century metropolis with rich cultural heritage, numerous historical attractions and sensational cuisine. The Indochina Old Dame, however, will not bow down and reveal her timeless charm so quickly and easily to anyone. Only those who take time to listen and observe will recognize the sophistication of her beauty: an intoxicating blend of oriental and western chic, of rural tranquillity and urban motion.

Off beaten track activities in - Hanoi - VietNam

Discover Hanoi Old Quarter on foot

 Hanoi is one of must-see cities in your captivating journey to Indochina thanks to its richness of history, ancient and charming French style architecture houses hidden in old quarter, small leafy boulevards, delicious street foods and hospitable local people. Hanoi still keeps traditional culture value that is a big inspiration for those who want to explore. 

One 2.5 hour walking tour around Hanoi Old Quarter with Asia Aventura will get you an insight into Hanoian’s life. Your trip will start from Thang Long Water Puppetry Theater, pass through Hang Dau Street and stop over at Hang Be Market – one of the biggest open markets of Hanoi Old Quarter. Continue to explore a wood carving workshop in Dinh Liet Street.Visit Kim Ngan Communal House where local people worship their ancestor of jewelry. Drop off at No.48 House in Hang Ngang Street where President Ho Chi Minh wrote “the Declaration of Independence” announcing the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945. Top off your adventure at an old coffee shop where you can both try an excellent cup of egg coffee and take a panoramic view of Sword Lake and Hanoi city. 
Here is the list of sites recommended:
1. Hang Be Market
2. Wood carving workshop in Dinh Liet Street
3. Kim Ngan Communal House
4. Hang Ma Street
5. Dong Xuan Market
6. Chinese herbal medicine shop
7. No.48 House in Hang Ngang Street
8. Old Town Coffee Shop
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Hanoi Street Food

Hanoi has been named by CNN as one of ten greatest street food cities in Asia thanks to its lively culinary culture. Wherever in Hanoi, you can find not only old French architecture houses, and tree-lined boulevards but also amazing food, exotic fruit to sumptuous seafood in narrow alleys. 

Wandering through the maze of bustling streets that make up Hanoi’s Old Quarter, sampling street food on pavement as Hanoian does is the best way to experience Hanoi’s culture and cuisine. Find out the most crowded place, it is sure to the best one to eat. 

Asia Aventura has recently designed a series of itineraries of Hanoi street food tour combining with walking for travelers and food enthusiasts. These tours have been carefully planned to bring visitors an authentic taste of Vietnam country very attuned to the rhythms of food through the day and the seasons.

Each morning tour ranges within 3 hour . It is very interesting to stroll through alleys, to listen bird singing and to hear stories about the ingredients and history of Hanoi’s food culture and northern Vietnamese specialties:

Our tour highlights:

Explore ancient architecture of Hanoi Old Quarter with charming French corners

Discover  Vietnamese culinary culture through local dishes such as: Pho, Banh Cuon, Bun Cha

Sample delicious Vietnamese cuisine just like the locals do - on the street

Take in a spectacular view of Hoan Kiem lake from a tucked-away cafe

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Flower market in Hanoi

This night market on the edge of West Lake starts up around 2 a.m., when wholesalers arrive to claim their spots with piles of roses and chrysanthemums, and lasts until sunrise. Quang Ba is especially worth a visit during Tet, when flowers are needed for the many new year's celebrations. Young and old will like the multitude of colors and varieties. Be prepared to haggle a bit and walk away.

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Cooking class in Hanoi

Vietnamese fabulous food is a delight for every visitor and it is well worth taking a cooking class to discover the secret flavors of local cuisine. Participants may earn an opportunity to visit a wet market in Hanoi to explore the amazingly diverse world of Vietnamese herbs, vegetables, spices and other condiments.

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Cat Ba Overnight Cruise

 Halong Bay is a “must–see” tourist destination in Vietnam. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has outstanding scenic beauty created by thousands of limestone islets and islands. The best way to discover this spectacular seascape is by cruising on a traditional junk boat and spending a night or two in the bay.

 However, Parts of Halong Bay currently look like a backpacker hub, crowded by hundreds of wooden junk boats, iron ships, and thousands of tourists. It can be noisy for those who want to experience this unique site.

Asia Aventura proudly introduces Cat Ba Overnight Cruise as a recommended product in Lan Ha Bay to meet growing demands of guests. Cat Ba overnight cruise is a perfect solution for those who want to admire the serene beauty of the bay and keep far from mass tourism destinations.

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Tai Chi Class in Hanoi

Tai chi has long been known as a discipline of health and longevity. In 45 minutes, with our professional teacher, you will have the opportunity to discover the principal of this method by observing the life of Hanoians in the early morning around Hoan Kiem Lake. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience for your trip to Vietnam.

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