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Keep all your valuables (passport, tickets, credit cards, cheques, watches, jewellery and cameras) in a safe provided in your room.
Do not wear too much jewel or have a handbag on shoulder as you may be vulnerable to pass-by theft.

On crossing roads in crowded towns, be confident to set your foot down when the road open little valuable space right in front of you and walk firmly to the other side without stopping or turning your direction abruptly. It is best to follow the heels of locals

Limit your traveling at night, especially in remote areas.

Always bring with you a hotel card, copies of passport, visa or any identity documents as well as a list of emergency contact numbers.

While you keep moving from place to place, remove all valuables from your luggage left on cargo areas of buses, trains or boats. Take them close to you and be vigilant all the time. Opportunistic thefts, especially pickpocket, are common in crowded places like train station, shopping malls, markets or supermarkets, you can name it too.

It is also strongly recommended that you won’t accept any food or drink offered by a complete stranger. You may be a victim of tourist scams.

Do not count your money in ATM posts or bring too much cash with you

Take great care and follow all instructions when exploring former battlefields due to hazard of unexploded landmines.

Do not take photographs of military sites and demonstrations.


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