Major Classic Destinatinons : Siem Reap - Cambodia

Siem Reap is well known for its magnificent Angkor archaeological complex. This monumental complex of palaces, temples and pagodas showcases the rich and sophisticated architecture of the Khmer Empire.  With grand composition, mysterious materials, amazing craftsmanship and refined design, the Angkor magic to some extent is unmatched by any other wonder of the whole world.

The surrounding countryside of Siem Reap is blissfully peaceful and laid back, perfect for a relaxed excursion.  Smiling children cycling on dirt tracks, buffalos soaking in water, famers planting rice on the field, all will leave beautiful memories.

Off beaten track activities in - Siem Reap - Cambodia

Hiking in Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean is a tributary of Siem Reap River. There are amazing sculptures of Hindu gods and creatures on the river bed. The sculptures dating from the eleventh to the thirteenth century and are mainly lingas, thus the name “river of a thousand lingas”.The 45 minute hike through the forest leading up to the river is fascinating. The route is mostly flat, with a lot of tree roots sticking out, but some areas need climbing over large rocks, sturdy hiking sandal or boot is needed.

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Cooking class in Siem Reap

Cambodian food uses plenty of herbs, leaves, pickles, dipping sauces, edible flowers and other garnishes and condiments.Now it is possible to cook and taste our own Cambodian culinary creation in a traditional Khmer setting restaurant. This 4 hour-class, featuring 3 food items is  held everyday from 8.30am – 01.00pm.

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Homestay in Siem Reap

Spend a few days in a local home to explore the surrounding countryside of Siem Reap and get a glimpse into rural life in Cambodia. Picturesque scenery with lush rice paddies dotted with palms, endless sky, buffalos soaking in water, famers working on the fields and little stilt houses nestled in greenery, all will capture one’s heart.

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Boat trip on Tonle Sap

Local life revolves around the water in Tonle Sap, the Indochinese largest lake, actually a system of lake and river. This is not only a haven for fishermen but also a major trade route for merchants to transport their goods. The area is home to many ethnic people who live in Tonle Sap floating village.

The Tonle Sap is the largest body of water in Indochina. For those who prefer to integrate into local life, a boat trip to visit the Tonle Sap floating villages is definitely an enjoyable experience!

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Elephant ride in Siem Reap

Around Angkor temples, there are plenty of elephants with handlers waiting to be "hired". This way of travel is especially great for couple to see the temples. Seeing the awesome temples from the back of an elephant who is very gentle and caring for its guests makes for an unforgettable experience.

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Ox cart ride in Siem Reap

Around Siem Reap, picturesque scenery abounds: lush rice paddies dotted with palms, endless sky, little stilt houses and beautiful lakes. Life also sprouts happily in every direction: excited children cycling on the dirt track, buffalos soaking in water, famers working on the fields. There are many way to see it but an ox cart ride is a great idea.

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Tuk tuk ride in Siem Reap

Tuk Tuk is no doubt the cheapest transport system in Siem Reap. It is widely available, practical and good for those on tight budget. Also tuk tuk brings a new experience that Angkor temple visitors may never have tried elsewhere before.Set up a sunrise Tuk-Tuk trip to Angkor Wat, then on to Bayon and the Angkor Thom complex. It is a very moving experience to enjoy the quiet of te temples without the crush of tourists that arrive later in the day.

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