Major Classic Destinatinons : Saigon - VietNam

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City has been given several different names. The French figuratively put it “Pearl of the Far East”, local people named it “Saigon” while Chinese immigrants called it “Cho Lon” (meaning “Big Market”). After national reunification in 1975, the Vietnamese government officially renamed it "Ho Chi Minh City", but “Saigon” is still commonly used.

Unlike the “old dame” Hanoi with its somehow reserved lifestyle, Ho Chi Minh City is an open, modern and dynamic metropolis. Within its bustle, however, its glorious history is still shining. With a myriad of historical monuments, stunning colonial architecture and amazing nightlife, Ho Chi Minh City has a lot to offer indeed.

This is also the ideal destination to discover about the Vietnam War.Ho Chi Minh City also makes the shopping mecca of Vietnam. Blend in the Ben Thanh market or wander around its crowded streets to sample local cuisine and have fun with bargaining.

Off beaten track activities in - Saigon - VietNam

Hiking in Nam Cat Tien

The Nam Cat Tien national park mainly contains lowland forests and swamp, forming several different habitats: evergreen and semi-deciduous forests, freshwater wetlands, lakes, grassland and flooded forest. It is selected as one of 200 global ecological zones and listed as the 411th UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The best time for hiking in Nam Cat Tien is from December to May, the dry season.

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