Major Classic Destinatinons : Hue - VietNam

Among famous cities of Vietnam, Hue is unique. It is a beautiful, quiet and relaxing city, rich in nature, architecture and art. Hue is also the only city in Vietnam that has a poetic river flowing through its centre. Perfume River and the historic Trang Tien Bridge have become the symbol of Hue romance and charm.

Hue is best known for majestic imperial citadel, mausoleums and pagodas. Not only making a favorite destination for architectural enthusiasts, Hue is also a culinary centre of Vietnam where cooking has become a refined art. More than two thousands Vietnamese traditional dishes take origins from Hue royal food.

Off beaten track activities in - Hue - VietNam

Cooking class in Hue

Take a cooking class to unlock the fascinating appeal of Hue food in Vietnam. A lot of fun and joy, plus picturesque setting of Thuy Bieu Village and Perfume River, this class is a nice and relaxing way to discover Hue.

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Farming in Thuy Bieu

Merely 7km from Hue city centre, Thuy Bieu is a hidden gem of untouched nature and culture. Thuy Bieu is home to around 96.700 people and divided into 7 hamlets among which Nguyet Bieu, Luong Quan are the most beautiful ones. Local people earn a living mainly out of rice cultivating and gardening. Join their work to enjoy fantastic moments and authentic travel experience.

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Hue traditional painting

Sinh painting is an art form of folk painting in Vietnam. This kind of painting is printed from folk woodblock and used for worshipping in Hue. This is the difference between Sinh painting and Dong Ho or Hang Trong traditional paintings in Hanoi, which are mainly used for decoration.

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Conical hat making in Hue

The conical hat is considered one of Vietnamese national symbols. It is elegant, delicate and useful as a charming accessory of female costume. It takes time to make a beautiful one but trying your hands in some steps is joyful and rewarding, a good way to discover Vietnamese culture.

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Biking in Hue

Around Hue coutnryside, you can find a large number of richly decorated temples in wordship of ancestors, typical cultural feature of Hue. And the scenery is awe-inspiring with lush rice fields, colorful flower gardens and small blue cottage hidden in luxuriant trees. Cycling allows you to discover Hue in depth and maybe it is the best way to truly see Hue off the beaten track.

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