Major Classic Destinatinons : Xieng Khouang - Laos

In the northeast of Laos, lying across a flat high plateau is the province of Xieng Khouang, most commonly known for the intriguing ‘Plain of Jars’. 

Xieng Khouang Province is located in the northeastern Laos, one of the main maize producing areas of the country. It was heavily bombed during the Vietnam War era. It is said that the bombing of the province was a record of a kind as "the most densely bombed area per capita on earth".The Plain of Jars site has been proposed for listing as the UNESCO World Heritage Monument. 

Off beaten track activities in - Xieng Khouang - Laos

Hiking in Xieng Khouang

The pristine landscape of Xieng Khouang is made up of high plains, green peaks and lush valleys. Lying on a high altitude (average 1200m) Xieng Khouang enjoys pleasant climate, cool during day and a bit chilly at night especially during winter. The legendary Plain of Jars consists of hundreds of giant stone jars strewn all over the plateau. History has not been revealed yet but legends tell that these huge jars were used to store dead bodies of human as ancient customs. No one knows exactly, just take a walk to discover this weird area.

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