Major Classic Destinatinons : Ratanakiri - Cambodia

Ratanakiri is the “wild East” of Cambodia. With its red earth line roads and paths bordered with lush greenery and rolling hills, remote jungle rivers, this is the ideal place for trekking, hiking and eco- travel and natural beauty.

One of the most beautiful regions of Cambodia, Ratankiri is nevertheless also one of its most underdevelopped. Lacking basic infrastructure, where highways are no more than simple pot-holed dirt roads, the entire province is rural in nature. Life is very simple, farmers till the earth and work the rice paddies with hand tools.

Off beaten track activities in - Ratanakiri - Cambodia

Hiking in Ratanakiri

The volcanic lake Yeak Laom (giant circle) is set in a lush jungle, considered the most scenic attraction in Ratanakiri. For minorities living around the area, it is a scared place as they believe many mysterious creatures inhabiting in its pristine water. One can follow a hiking trail of about 2.5 km around the lake to savor its magnificent setting, discover the surrounding jungle and relax in serene atmosphere.

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