Major Classic Destinatinons : Mondulkiri - Cambodia

Mondulkiri is an eastern province of Cambodia sharing its border with Vietnam, which is the most sparsely populated province in the whole country although being the largest province in Cambodia.

The name of Mondulkiri means ‘Meeting of the Hills’. In the dry season it is a little like Wales with sunshine; in the wet season, like Tasmania with more rain.

The province is widely known for natural beauty, with thickly forested mountains, powerful waterfalls and the lush green rolling hills of the western side. This province is home to many tribal minorities: Phnong, Khmer, Chinese, and Muslims Cham.



Off beaten track activities in - Mondulkiri - Cambodia

Hiking in Mondulkiri

The terrain of Mondulkiri is made up of mountain plateau, forest, slope, and rivers. It is best known for its beautiful waterfalls, densely forested hills and diverse ecosystem, making it a heaven for hiking and trekking fans. Its red clay dusty trails are easy to walk, plus there is a hill tribal village to visit. The Phnong people are proud to show guests how they eke out a living out of the forest without disturbing the ecosystem.

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