Major Classic Destinatinons : Ha Giang - VietNam

Ha Giang - the northern province is a rising destination for adventure travelers in Vietnam. Its remote areas reserve a number of delights for you: awe-inspiring landscape, untouched culture and warmhearted people.

Situated around 320km to Ha Noi, Ha Giang is somewhere to recharge batteries on the long road north. This town, bisected by the broad river Lo, is a provincial capital with clean streets and an understated provincial ambience. The scenery is a good taste of things to come, with with limestone outcrops soaring skywards over the suburbs.

Off beaten track activities in - Ha Giang - VietNam

Homestay in Ha Giang

Why Mr Toi’s House?
Located in Ha Giang province in the North East of Vietnam, Dong Van is one of the most magnificent tourist destinations by its beautiful landscapes and weekly Sunday market. To reach this beautiful place, you have to spend overnight in Ha Giang town where its standard accommodation and tourism facilities can’t meet customer’s demands for quality and service. Read more

Pho Cao ethnic market

The Pho Cao ethnic fair in Dong Van does not have a fixed date schedule, a very unique market because no one knows exactly the next time it will take place. It is a busy trading hub for Han, Dzao, Giay, Tay, H'mong ethnic people and others. Many people have to depart from their villages in the early morning or even one day in advance to reach the market in time. Up to 17 ethnic minority gather in Pho Cao market and especially, few tourists have ever visited this place.

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Meo Vac ethnic market

Meo Vac is the only town in Ha Giang, home to H'Mong ethnic people. Despite its administrative name, Meo Vac is remote and almost unexplored. The Meo Vac Market makes a fantastic venue to see the ancient bartering of remote H'mong ethnic people in Ha Giang.

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Hoang Su Phi ethnic market

Hoang Su Phi village and the whole district are among the most untouched area of Ha Giang Province of Vietnam. The area was separated from the mainstream society until very recently. Traveling to Hoang Su Phi charmed all visitors for the beauty of the wild mountains and the authentic culture of the local ethnic groups.

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Khau Vai love market

Once a year, the Khau Vai Love Market is the largest one of its kind in northern Vietnam. It is held to help people meet their ex-lovers and reminisce of good times. The Khau Vai market takes place each year, on the 26th and the 27th of the third month of the lunar calendar. During these two days, hundreds of ex-lovers from various hill tribes like Nung, Tay, San Chi, Lo Lo, Dzao, Giay and Hmong are reunited. They trek in from various mountainous districts nearby to be able to spend two days with the ones they could not spend their lives with.

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