Major Classic Destinatinons : Bao Lac - VietNam

Bao Lac district is located in the far north Cao Bang province of Vietnam. Close to the border with China, this mountainous area is home to 50,000 inhabitants who live mainly in small villages in remote areas without water supply and even electricity. This is the poorest region in Vietnam.

This is home to nearly 1000 black Lolos only. They live together in traditional stilt houses set in big green valleys. Their homes also have living space for cattle and poultry, mainly water buffalo, cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, dogs and cats.

Lolo people are skilled at making bronze drum, a treasure of each family only used in funerals. These bronze drums are buried and guarded by the head of the family line. Each Lolo family line has several highly interconnected branches, usually living in the same hamlet. The head of a branch position is always held by a man. He is responsible for the worship of ancestors and maintaining solidarity between its members.

Off beaten track activities in - Bao Lac - VietNam

Homestay in Bao Lac

Home to the most exotic ethnic minority in Vietnam – the Black Lolos, Bao Lac is a perfect destination to experience a home stay for better understanding about the diverse culture of Vietnam! The Lolo people are proud and conservative in preserving their traditions such as teeth dyeing but they are also very friendly and warm.

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Hiking Dong Mu Can Yen

The challenging but scenic route from Dong Mu to Can Yen is perfect for adventure seekers. Incredible sceneries along the way make great rewards for the effort.

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Bao Lac ethnic market

Every Sunday morning, on small roads in these mountainous villages, we can meet groups of ethnic women dressed in their traditional costumes heading to the market. Their traditional costumes are quite simple but with colorful head scarf and beautifully adorned with silver jewelry.

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