Who are our clients ?

Asia Aventura is a B2B travel company. We organize tours in local destinations for tour operators worldwide. Because we operate in niche travel market, we focus on developing strong partnership with medium and small tour operators in the same sector , those are aimed with the spirit of adventure and off the beaten track tourism like us.

We wish to work with you if you are:

-    Trekking Tour Operators  who do only trekking tours
-    Biking Tour Operators who do only biking tours
-    Classic Tour Operators who wish to propose “Off the beaten track” tours to travelers and add some extra value to major classic itineraries.


Even if you already have a partner in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, we may offer you a different adventure itinerary with newly discovered destinations and activities.

A big guarantee for greater success if you cooperate with us! We can be referred to by many of our current partners, well-known in the Adventure Travel Market. Most of our clients come to us thanks to “word of mouth” - our existing partners introduce us new ones. And  we hope you will be our new partner.

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