Our team behind the scene

 Ms. Nguyen Mai, CEO

Ms. Mai is a competent, committed and very experienced CEO from a managerial background. She has over 10 years of invaluable experience in tourism and gains outstanding achievement. She is a talent manager who can enhance the performance of any business.

 Ms Hong Nhung, Sales Manager

Nhung is a key person of sales department. She has strong background in tourism with nearly 10 years working as a travel consultant for both FIT and GIT travelers. Working in an environment full of interest conflict and pressure from oversea operators, local competitors, service suppliers and also from the travelers, she has developed her tactful skills in communication and problem solving.

 Ms Hong Phuc, Sales Executive for German Speaking Market


Phuc is a gentle and friendly girl. In German, her name means ‘happiness’. After graduation in Vietnam, She worked as an aupair girl in German within 1 year to improve her German and understand more European culture. Phuc loves travelling because each journey brings her new experience about the daily life of local people. She is happy with the current work as a travel consultant of Asia Aventura where she can share her knowledge and passion for travel to customers.

Ms Vu Tam, Sales Executive for German Speaking Market

As a representative for young generation of Asia Aventura, Tam always works with her biggest enthusiasm and effort. When she was at National Foreign University, she spent a lot of time travelling to every region of Vietnam to discover the beauty of landscape and the feature of local culture. She finds her great passion for working at Asia Aventura because she always wants to make captivating journeys for guests and that is the best way for her to boast Vietnam, her motherland to foreign customers.




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