Real life experience of a Vietnamese family

1/1/2015 12:00:00 AM

Only one hour from Halong Bay, Yen Duc village is an ideal stopover for tourists after a wonderful cruise trip. Instead of having lunch on the touristy harbor or on the way, we offer a delicious meal at Mrs Mui’s house in Yen Duc village, an exclusive product of Asia Aventura.

Yen Duc is a typical model of Vietnamese village surrounded by lush paddy fields, red tile houses and leafy streets. The friendly people here are not used to meeting and talking to foreigners.

Mui is a hardworking woman in Yen Duc. She lives with her husband, two children and aunt of the family. Her family occupies more than 1800 square meters of rice fields and garden where she plants several kinds of flowers, vegetables and spicy herbs. The house has a large garden and small pond with fish at the entrance. Tables and bamboo chairs are arranged under the longan for lunch. "I'm glad to welcome foreigners to my house and make them taste of Vietnamese dishes. It brings me joy, and then it does not bother me to spend time because I love this job. I really want to introduce traditional Vietnamese life for tourists, "said Mui.

Tourists will be served with plentiful Vietnamese traditional foods such as: spring rolls, chicken soup with mushrooms, salad of cucumbers, stir- fried beef with onion and peppers, etc. All of tasty dishes are cooked by Mrs Mui


It is time to go for a walk around the village on foot or by bike with a full stomach. You will soak up the atmosphere of a quaint and peaceful village by riding along the canal to see peasants working in the rice field or visiting the village pagoda. Mui will serve you a cup of green tea before you get on the car towards the capital.

 Travelling with ASIA AVENTURA to experience the real life of a Vietnamese family in a traditional village!





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