Chuon Lagoon - A rustic and tranquil beauty

1/1/2015 12:00:00 AM

 Just only 10km from the centre city of Hue, Chuon Lagoon is an ideal place for those who would like to experience rustic local life after a fully satisfied trip with the Purple Forbidden City, royal tombs, pagodas and temples in Hue Citadel. Being a part of Tam Giang Lagoon system, along the Highway 49 and towards Phu An village, Phu Vang district, Chuon Lagoon looks like a freshly painted watercolor.


The Lagoon captivates both professional and amateur landscape photographers by its stunning beauty in the early glow of down or long rays of sunset. Chuon Lagoon is attractive everytime, but the best time to visit here is from lunar April to July annually.

Fishing is the main livelihood and attraction at Chuon Lagoon. It is a family affair which includes the wife and children pitching in their role in the business. All family members live together inside a boat which floats on the water all year round.

The hard work of fishing lasts 12 hours continuously, from 6 P.M last day and finish at 6 A.M next day. The fishermen will bring shrimp and fish to bustling morning fish market for selling out when they are still fresh. Chuon Lagoon is famous for “Ong fish”, “ Dia fish”, Mu fish”, “Nau fish” and especially “ Kinh fish” because the meat of these ones are tough, sweet and scented. Each kilogram bought at the lagoon costs about VND100,000. Shrimp is also common and plentiful at price of VND 150,000 per kilogram.

Bánh Khoái Cá Kình is a fried pancake, a famous speciality which any tourists can’t miss when visiting Chuon Lagoon. To make this, a small pan is first coated with cooking oil. The fish or shrimp is then put to make it sizzle. The cook will add rice flour and cook over rice husk fire. The simple but delicious dish can be enjoyed in just about two minutes with a bowl of pure fish sauce together some slices of chili.


ASIA AVENTURA is the pioneering tour operator of designing program to Chuon Lagoon. It is a customized tour lasting 4 hours, normally in the afternoon. Tourists can start an amazing biking from Hue city through golden paddy fields, charming winding paths of Chuon Village, along the poetic Nhu Y river towards Chuon Lagoon. Tourists can talk to local fishermen about their life and then participate in local activities such as: casting nets, fishing, and catching shrimp, and top off at a local restaurant to watch beautiful sunset and enjoy fresh just caught ingredients.

Visiting Chuon Lagoon, tourists not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also learn about the daily floating lives of local people on the lagoon: very interesting but also very poignant, especially far from backpacker hubs.

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