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How is the traffic?

It depends on what the travellers are used to but generally traffic is not an issue in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. In big cities and on old national highways, the traffic is crowded and there are many motorbikes on the roads. No worry, our tours mostly focus on quiet back roads and new highways where traffic is light. By this way we can provide more authentic experience and an up close view of local life. Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian people are all very open and friendly. It is great to see how happy people, and particularly children, are when they yell hello and get a hello response from travelers.

In mountainous provinces, the traffic is little to none and we will see many hill tribal people in their colorful traditional costume walking or herding cattles on our way. Roads may be very steep with continuous uphills and downhills but rewards are big. We do not cycle in crowded metropolitan Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. In other cities and towns, the traffic is quite heavy, but mostly motorcycles and slow moving. It is somewhat chaotic but easy and fun riding once we learn the unique rules of the road.

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